A large part of this Swedish celebration is through music and dancing. All throughout festival weekend, the streets of downtown Lindsborg are filled with the sounds of traditional Swedish folk music and the sights of brightly colored costumes dancing in the main circle.

Festival goers will be serenaded by musicians both local and traveling who have come to spread the sounds of the “old country” through the sounds of instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, and Nyckelharpa (a Swedish keyed harp). These sounds inspire the feeling of being in Sweden and more often than not, inspire dancing.

Throughout the festival folk dancers, young and old don their traditional Swedish costumes and show off their traditional moves that represent the dances done by their ancestors long ago. Visitors will see the exciting Folk Dance Games by the school children of the Smoky Valley, the dedication of the High School age Swedish Folk Dancers and the livelihood of the adult Folkdanslag.

In addition to the local talent that entertains at Hyllningsfest, talent from across the world comes to join in on the celebration.