Välkommen! We are so excited to welcome you to the best square mile on earth.

Our community loves to host new visitors to experience and celebrate our Swedish heritage. Whether it is by tasting potato sausage at the Smorgasbord or taking a photo with the giant Dala horse, we are delighted to share the opportunity with visitors from around the globe.
Svensk Hyllningsfest (Swedish Honoring Festival) is celebrating our 82nd year of existence and continues to thrive as residents don Swedish costumes, perform Swedish folk dances, and honor those ancestors who settled in this area long ago.

This unique festival is not only fun for visitors to get a taste of Sweden in the middle of Kansas, but allows for the community of Lindsborg to flourish and show off the charm and character that attracts so many.
As Co-Chairs of this festival, it is not only a privilege to lead such a dedicated group of committed volunteers, but it fills us with a pride knowing that we are now a part of history. Along with so many who have filled these shoes, we are proud to have helped carry this festival forward and to preserve the heritage that defines this community. We are so pleased that you have joined us for this 2023 Svensk Hyllningsfest and hope you will enjoy all that Little Sweden has to offer.

Come enjoy the sights of children dancing, sounds of bands in the parade, taste of Viking on a stick, smell of the Smorgasbord and the touch of your herd gathering together again.

Tack så macket!
Jenell Hulse and Tessa Peters