Responding to an invitation by Catherine the Great in 1763, more than 30,000 Germans immigrated to the Russian steppe and settled in 106 colonies along the Volga River north of what today is the city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad). They lived there in relative isolation until 28 August 1941, following Hitler’s June invasion of Russia, Stalin had over 400,000 of their descendants loaded into cattle cars and shipped to the gulags of Siberia where they were imprisoned until 1956. On the 80th Anniversary of this infamous genocidal tragedy, world-renowned Volga German historian Dr. Brent Mai (Bethany, ’85) will examine this deportation, what led up to it, and its contemporary consequences.
Their decendants began immigrating to North and South America in 1875, and today hundreds of thousands of descendants of these hearty pioneers can be found in the towns and cities of the Kansas Prairie. Thousands have called Lindsborg home for at least 4 years while they attended Bethany College.

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Helga’s Hall of History (SVVCS) – Friday

Helga’s Hall of History (SVVCS) – Saturday



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